Side door TermoSide

Product code: 4438
  • Extra comfort!
  • Same design as garage doors.
  • Same color as garage doors.
  • Max width - 1 m
  • Max height - 2.4 m
Starting from: 303.71 € / set *with VAT
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Provides daily comfort to enter garage without wasting time and electricity to lift garage doors.


For the purposes of a particularly comfortable holding, when a family member needs to take a rake, bicycle, grass mower or garden hose quickly and smoothly.

The side door is stable and safe, guaranteeing a great service for many years. Made of door panels that visually match the garage doors. The side door is safer than the door built into the garage door.

Modern and harmonic design thanks to invisible panel connections and even rib height.

A broad selection of colors and designs. The color has a 10-year warranty.

A practical solution for a holding building, workshop or barn, because they are quick and easy to install.


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