Product code: s6
  • Great design solution for buildings
  • Protects from the sun
  • High quality
  • Wide choice of shapes and colors
  • Extra durable and hardy construction
  • Max. width of a single module – 4m
  • Max lenght of a single module – 6,02 m
  • Adjustable lamela 0 – 90 degree angle
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Exterior sunbreakers is a great choice for creating a shade and controlling the optimum temperature inside your home, office space, or factory building. They protect interior from  the hot sun and provide a pleasant climate inside, allowing to save on air conditioner and heating expenses. To provide a shield from sun and UV rays, the sunbreakers are installed on the exterior of the building, either on window or glass surfaces. They completely prevent a room from overheating and interior from fading colors caused by the sunlight. Thanks to the adjustable lamelas, incoming sunlight can be adjusted as needed.


Climate control

Exterior sunbreakers are up to 80% more effective in protecting the room from heating up than any interior blinds or curtains. Thanks to the outside lamellas, the room does not heat up and require additional ventilation. Dry air and hot rooms can result in respiratory tract irritation. Sunbreakers will prevent any health-related harm and provide an excellent and natural climate control.



The rooms will be kept pleasantly cool no matter the hot weather - no need for air conditioner during summer months.



Available for purchase in modular forms, can be ordered in variet sizes and for different needs. Modular form lamelas are available in different widths.



By hand

With automation

Using “Smart home” application and automation

"Smart home” application allows you to adjust lamelas to your preference, as well as let wind and sunlight sensors adjust the angle depending on the current weather, and automatically close the sunbreakers during night time and protect your home from curious eyes.