Roller insect screen

Product code: 2974
  • For wooden windows and doors
  • Max width — 1800 mm
  • Max height — 2400 mm
  • Easy and convenient opening
  • Suitable for Scandinavian-type windows
  • Standart or extra-transparent screen
Starting from: 42.91 € / pc. *with VAT
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A universal screen, suitable for wooden windows, as well as roof windows and wooden doors.

It's the perfect choice for outward-opening windows where the screen needs to be regularly opened, for example, to water plants on the windowsill. This system provides great flexibility: simply use the screen when desired and store rolled-up in a cartridge when not needed.

Suitable for rarely used doors (such as balcony doors). This is a more cost-effective solution in comparison to other insect screens designed for doors.

Screen types

With the extra transparent Transpatec screen, you will enjoy about 20 % better transparency than with regular screens. The Transpatec screens feature a transparency rating of 80 %, whilst regular screens provide only 60 % transparency.

Standard screen frame colours

White, metallic (with anodized coating), brown, light brown and anthracite.


Other RAL colours are available upon request.


 Technical information - Roller insect screen


Measure, order and install yourself!

 Click here to watch the video tutorial!

  1. Measure the width (W)  of your window
  2. Measure the height (H) of your window. To make correct measures, take note of your window frame’s bottom part (A) and measure accordingly.

Order your insect screen and type in the measures and choose your frame color.


 Click here to watch the video tutorial!

  1. Place insect screen onto the outer part of your window frame.
  2. Using a screwdriver securely fasten the screen to window frame.
  3. Close the screwing spots with plastic plugs (included in the kit).



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