• Starting from: 363.00 €
    • Garage door profile
    • Profile height - 77 mm
    • Profile thickness - 19 mm
    • Max. width - 4000 mm
    • Max. area - 18 m2
    • Automatic control

  • Starting from: 84.70 €
    • For small-sized garage doors
    • Profile height - 55 mm
    • Profile thickness - 14 mm
    • Max width - 2500 mm
    • Max height - 2300 mm
    • Control - automatic
    • Max. width - 32 m
    • Max height - 12 m
    • Manufacturer - Teckentrup (Germany)

A convenient and secure solution!

Rolling gates are designed for installation at shopping centres, industrial and warehouse premises, as well as garages. Their compact design makes them perfectly suited for apertures, where utilities lines are set (water supply and power supply systems, etc.), as well as in cases when sectional fold-up gates cannot be installed. Excellent safety, durability and simple installation!


Why use rolling gates?

  • Excellent durability and security

Rolling gates are made of aluminium and filled with heat insulation. This ensures structural resistance against environmental stresses, incl. corrosion and temperature fluctuations, whilst also preventing or even rendering impossible breaking and entering.

  • Also ideal for smaller properties

More available space! Rolling gates can be installed on the buildings exterior, thus gaining additional free space, such as inside the garage. 

  • Simple assemblage

Rolling gates are easy to install in or above the aperture, mounted on the wall or inside the premises. They are also suitable for utility apertures (water supply, power supply systems, etc.). Simple installation in comparison with sectional fold-up doors.

  • Wide choice of colours and sizes

Easy to match with any building design. To support harmonious appearance, the vast selection of sizes and colour tones allows for convenient matching of rolling gates to any facade. 

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