A great shield from curious eyes

Rolling shutters are suitable for residential buildings, office buildings and shops alike

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  • Starting from: 72.60 €
    • Cost-efficient profile for windows
    • Profile height - 41 mm
    • Profile thickness - 8.5 mm
    • Max. width - 2000 mm
    • Max. area - 7.5 m2
    • Control: mechanical or automatic

  • Starting from: 84.70 €
    • Profile for large windows
    • Profile height - 55 mm
    • Profile thickness - 14 mm
    • Max. width - 3180 mm
    • Max. area - 8.9 m2
    • Control - mechanical or automatic

  • Starting from: 84.70 €
    • Higher security profile for windows
    • Profile height - 44 mm
    • Profile thickness - 9 mm
    • Max. width - 2700 vm
    • Max. area - 12.5 m²
    • Control - mechanical or automatic
    • Profile wall thickness - 1 mm

Great protection against cold, sunlight, noise, curious eyes and thieves!

Roller shutters for windows and doors is a great solution for heat and light insulation in the premises. The well-designed construction and choice of materials provide excellent protection against outside noises, curious eyes and unwelcome visitors. Thanks to the wide choice of colours and convenient functionality, they are suitable for homes, office buildings and shops. 

Why use roller shutters for windows and doors?

Outstanding quality

Roller shutters are made of aluminium, making them durable, rust-resistant and high-performing even in demanding environments. RIPO products have a CE marking, proving that products have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Excellent light control 

The light in the premises can be conveniently and easily controlled simply by lowering down the roller shutters.


Energy efficiency and economy

Closed roller shutters function as a curtain and provide heat insulation for windows and doors during cold winter nights to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, whereas on sunny days, they prevent overheating and reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Improved sound insulation

Enjoy your night's rest without a worry. Owing to the unique construction and filling in the aluminium profile of roller shutters, they are an excellent noise dampener.

High level of security

Roller shutters will protect you from curious eyes. Moreover, roller shutters equipped with a motor and blockers will hinder or even prevent thieves from entering the premises.


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Measure, order and instal yourself!

Carefully take your measurements with tape measure and record them! To ensure precise numbers, take them on the sides, along the frame.

Measure your doors/window frame width (W) and height (H) distance between end of auter frames as shown in the picture.

Type in your numbers in the on-line price configurator (shop). Choose instalation type for the box – above the window or build-in. Select color and control type – manual/electric.