Maximum security without loss of visibility

Ideal solution for shopping centres, shops, stalls or warehouses to protect the property from intruders. 24 hr visibilty and protection even when closed!

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    • Max width - 4.5 m
    • Max area - 13.5 m2
    • Material - Aluminum
    • Cuts - 80 x 30 mm
    • Transparency - 42%
    • For small and medium-sized shop windows or openings
    • Max width - 7m
    • Max area - 21m2
    • Material - Aluminum
    • Cutouts - 100 x 52mm
    • Transparency - 47%
    • For large size shop windows or openings and collective garages
    • Max width - 12 m
    • Max height – 8 m
    • Material - Metal
    • Transparency - 93%
    • For large size shop windows or openings and for collective garages
    • High protection level
    • Manufacturer - Teckentrup (Germany)

A modern solution for shopping centres or shops

Roller grille offer an ideal solution for shopping centres, shops, stalls or warehouses, where one zone must be demarcated from another, as well as to protect the property from intruders. They provide not only protective properties, but also ensure excellent air permeability and visibility even when the roller grils are closed.

Why use Roller Grilles?

  • High quality and safety

Bars are made of high quality extruded aluminium profiles with excellent protection against environmental stresses, incl. corrosion and UV rays. The bars are constructed in a way that they cannot be easily broken into. 

  • 24 h advertising of goods

Because of their design, bars allow merchandise to remain visible even when the shop or kiosk is closed. Customers can see the merchandise in the shop window and return to the shop to make purchases when it is open.

  • Convenient operation

The bars have a lightweight design and can be conveniently raised and lowered manually, by using a switch or with a remote control.

  • Tasteful design

Thanks to their modern design, the bars can be matched with the architecture of any building or the interior design at retail premises.

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