Rolling doors "Thermotec"

Product code: 00007
  • Max. width - 32 m
  • Max height - 12 m
  • Manufacturer - Teckentrup (Germany)
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Innovation, safety, durability!

Large-sized rolling gates are a simple, convenient and durable solution for retail and industrial premises, warehouses, underground garages, etc. Since only minimal installation space is required, the gates can be easily adapted for any circumstances both indoors and outdoors.


Why use large-sized rolling gates?

  • A solution for large apertures

Large-sized rolling gates are available up to 32 m wide and up to 10 m tall, making them a perfect fit when sectional gates cannot be used due to unsuitable height or width.  When the width is more than 14 m, the gates have two planes separated by a column. When the gate is open, the column can be pushed sideways with one hand to achieve an open aperture.

  • High quality and durability

Large-sized rolling gates are made of tested and high quality steel. The modern high-tech design and innovative micro-profile structure can withstand extensive operating loads, ensuring excellent appearance of the gates for many years and minimal noise level during opening and closing.

  • Additional energy savings

Gate profiles are filled with polystyrene foam, which helps keep the heat inside and protects the gate structure from environmental stresses, incl. strong wind.

  • Safety concerns

Safety always comes first. With a purpose-built structure and security system, large-sized rolling gates are equipped with automatic blocking, which makes them difficult to break open. 

  • Control

The gate is equipped with an automatic control that allows easy and quick opening and closing.


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