Stentering frame insect screen

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  • For wooden windows
  • Max width — 1600 mm
  • Max height — 2300 mm
  • Exceptionally durable and strong design
  • Extra protection against insects entering the premises
  • Standart, extra-transparent, anti-pollen screen
  • The frame is designed for inward-opening wooden windows
Starting from: 25.39 € / pc. *with VAT
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The elegant and fine profile perfectly matches the window frame.

The screen frame is made of durable aluminium profile and has reinforced aluminium corners, in the junctions, which are seamlessly integrated into the profile and remain completely invisible. This design is both exceptionally durable and elegant.

It's also highly functional, as a seal positioned between the screen frame and window ensures full protection against insects entering the room. A handy person can easily install it without any professional help and can be quickly and easily installed and removed from the window.

Screen types

  • With the extra transparent Transpatec screen, you will enjoy around 20 % better transparency than with regular screens. The Transpatec screens feature a transparency rating of 80 %, whilst regular screens provide only 60 % transparency.
  • Innovative Polltec anti-allergic insect screen protects from pollen and is perfect for allergic people. Screen had an extra thin protective coating that stops pollen and dust from entering your home. Provides 30% better air breathability.

Standard frame colours

White, metallic (with anodized coating), brown, light brown and anthracite colour.


Other RAL colours are available upon request.


 Technical information - Stentering frame insect screen for wooden windows


Measure, order and install yourself!

  1. Measure the width (W)  of your window
  2. Measure the height (H) of your window. To make correct measures, take note of your window frame’s bottom part (A) and measure accordingly.
  3. Take notice of window frame’s sides – are they rounded/slanted or straight/almost straight.

Order your insect screen and type in the measures and choose your frame color.


  1. Open the window and put in your insect screen into the window frame, fixing it into place with metal fasteners.
  2. Using a pencil, mark the exact spots of metal fasteners on the wooden window frame.
  3. Take the insect screen out and drill small holes in the marked places.
  4. Place insect screen back into the window, secure it by pushing metal fasteners into the drilled holes.



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