SELT Pergola

Product code: s2
  • Manufacturer: SELT (Poland)
  • Standart colours: white, anthracite
  • Roof:straight, slanted angle 3°-10°
  • Operating: manual, automated
  • Extruded aluminium, stainless steel
  • Side walls: fabric
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A unique and beautiful place of relaxation for the whole family!


During hot, windy and even rainy summer days, pergola will become the new favourite place of gathering for the whole family. Elegant and durable construction allows for many unique design Solutions, guaranteed to become each house’s pride and every cafe’s advantage.



A classic choice for your garden or a beautiful solution for making your restaurant terrace more elegant. Pergola can create an eye-catching and pleasing visual effect that will attract new clients.


Full comfort

With the start of the season, pergola will become favourite and most used place for the whole family – it allows to enjoy fresh air no matter the weather. The construction and fabrics withstand wind and rain and block hot sunrays. Caffe and restaurant visitors will appreciate refreshing the outside seating area.


The roof

The roof construction can use:

  1. Waterproof fabric that doesn’t water sink through
  2. Sunblocking fabric that protects prom sun damage
  3. Metal lamelas that can be easily closed during winter without any complicated demontage.


Side walls

  • Possible to order sliding glass walls that shield from wind and rain.
  •  PVC walls can be rolled up when not needed and down when you the weather is too hot, windy or rainy. Can be controlled by automation.



Construction can be made as free standing (popular in private house gardens) or mounted to the wall (popular in cafe and private house terraces).



Pergola is easy to montage and demontage. Specially treated outdoor-use fabrics are easy to mantain and clean and will withstand direct sunlight, high and low temperatures, wind and rain.



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