Industrial sectional doors “IM40”

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Metal sandwich panels
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Metal sandwich panels (IM40 type) for industrial doors are made of two metal plates filled with 40 mm of top quality foam (polyurethane) insulation ensuring better stability of the gate flap, higher thermal resistance and longer service life.

Owing to the three-step metal surface treatment of panels, they are especially easy to care for, and the panel manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty for the metal panels of the industrial doors. A unique solution is employed in the panels, rendering the hinge binding particularly durable. Thanks to thoroughly well-designed gate connection units, they will continue delivering trustworthy performance after expiry of the warranty period too.

Gates of this type enjoy the most popularity and are the most popular owing to their convenient use and higher thermal resistance combined with lower costs. Panel thermal insulation coeff. – 0.56 U(W/m² K).

The industrial door design allows maximum utilization of available space, as the sectional door raises vertically upwards and along the ceiling.


  • The industrial door can be equipped with a door featuring a standard threshold.
  • Now, you can also get low-threshold doors. This innovation promotes barrier-free access, making it possible for a wheelchair to exit the premises without needing to open the gate.
  • The industrial door can also be equipped with cut-out windows, which is a cost-effective solution to allow light into the room with zero heat loss.
  • The industrial door is equipped with a slide bolt, which allows the industrial door to be locked from the inside.
  • The industrial door can also be equipped with a key lock to allow for locking from the outside.

Industrial door raising options

  • Manually — recommended for small-sized gates.
  • With a chain — recommended for gates with height exceeding 3 metres.
  • With an automated system — recommended for convenient use or for gates subject to intensive use.


Read more about MFZ automated systems (Germany)

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