Industrial sectional doors “IK40”

Product code: 00000002
Metal sandwich panels and aluminium-profile fully glassed sections
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IK40 industrial doors feature a combination of metal sandwich panels and aluminium-profile fully glassed sections. This combination makes for elegantly designed doors and allows plenty of light to enter the premises.

IK40 - type industrial doors are available in several combinations — starting from a single glazed section to fully glazed doors. When ordering, it's important to consider the right proportion of incident light versus heat loss. Glazed sections offer lower thermal resistance. Glass packet thermal insulation coeff. – 1.6 U(W/m² K).

Owing to the three-step metal surface treatment of panels, they are especially easy to care for, and the panel manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

The industrial door design allows maximum utilization of available space, as the sectional door raises vertically upwards and along the ceiling.


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