Fresh summertime air without mosquitoes, flies and other insects in your home? We have a solution – various insect screens for windows and doors made using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Starting from: 25.39 €
    • For wooden windows
    • Max width — 1400 mm
    • Max height — 1600 mm
    • Exceptionally durable and strong design
    • Extra protection against insects entering the premises
    • Standart, extra-transparent, anti-pollen screen
    • The frame is designed for inward-opening wooden windows

  • Starting from: 42.91 €
    • For wooden windows and doors
    • Max width — 1600 mm
    • Max height — 2350 mm
    • Easy and convenient opening
    • Suitable for Scandinavian-type windows
    • Standart or extra-transparent screen

  • Starting from: 173.39 €
    • For oftenly used doors.
    • Max width – 1200 mm
    • Max height - 2200 mm
    • Extra durable frame
    • Screen: standard, extra transparent,  anti-pollen and petscreen
    • For terraces, conservatories and other large openings
    • Max width of a single part - 1200 mm
    • Max height - 2400 mm
    • Extremely durable and rigid construction
    • Screen: standard, extra transparent, anti-pollen and petscreen
    • Great accent for interior and exterior
    • Easy and simple to use!
    • Takes up little storage space
    • Alternative if there is no space for other screens

Why use Ripo's insect screen?

 Excellent protection against insects. The unique structure of the screen ensures superior protection against insects as well as excellent air permeability and transmission of light.

 Increased transparency. With the Transpatec screen, you will enjoy around 20 % better transparency than with regular screens.

 High quality and durability. The insect screen for windows features a highly durable and practical construction to ensure a lasting and perfect service life. The mechanically durable construction of the insect screens for doors will allow your children to run in and out of the house without having to worry about damaging the screen, whilst the practical design enables easy removal of the screen during winter months.

 Outstanding design. Thanks to the specially modelled profiles the screen is virtually invisible and aligns perfectly with windows or doors.

 Extended applicability. The various designs allow easy and convenient adjustment of the screen for any type of windows or doors.

"Transpatec" insect screen – exceptionally transparent

The design of the Transpatec screen is based on a new, unique technology using extremely fine thread, instead of PVC, to fix the screen mesh. This screen is finer than standard screens and therefore provides better protection against insects. In 2011, Transpatec received the internationally recognised Red Dot award for the best product design.





Contact us, we look forward to helping you choose the right insect screens for your home!