During summertime there’s nothing worse than mosquitoes inside your home. Every year we restart our fight  and splurge on new chemicals to fight them. During hot days, as we open windows to let the fresh air come in, mosquitoes, flies, bees along with dust and pollen come flying in.

Insect screen installation for windows and doors is an economically smart choice that will serve you for many years. Forget about insects inside your home, disturbed nights, stuffed air and harmful mosquito repellents!

RIPO custom-makes mosquito screens for windows and doors made out of different materials.


We offer new generation Transpatec screen. It provides a view with an 80% transparency, while other screens offer 60% transparency. Or choose our durable scratch-resistant screen – a good choice if you have a pet.


RIPO mosquito screens are custom made for all type of windows and doors. To fit your windows and doors, we offer all types of insect screens in different-coloured frames:


Stentering frame insect screen for windows

Suited for aluminium and plastic windows. Easy to install without assembler's help, the screen can be removed during winter time or for other needs within a few seconds. Fixed on the outer window part with custom-made press-in tabs.


Roller insect screen for doors and windows

For aluminium and plastic doors, regular and roof windows. Fit for frequently used windows that open to the outside. Roller screen, just like roller shutters, roll up and down the window whenever you need fresh air. Economically favorable solution for doorways that are rarely used to walk through.


Swing door insect screens

Great solution for frequently used doorways, such as balcony and terrace. We offer single and double doors. The light construction is made out of durable quality aluminium profiles that will fit seamlessly the overall view. Choose one of 4 colors to go with your doorframe.



Install RIPO insect screens for your apartment or private house windows and doors to enjoy summer like never before! If you have a pet – choose an extra durable scratch-resistant screen. Or install our modern Transpatec screen that thanks to a delicate netting is 20% more transparent than other screens.