Garage Doors TermoLift Plus

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  • Proven quality!
  • 10 year color durability
  • Standard panels — Teckentrup (Germany)
  • Multifunctional electric operators
  • Installation — professional installer (recomended)
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An ideal balance between economy and high demands.



Panels are made from two metal sheets, filled with a high-quality thermal insulation. Panels are 40mm thick across the whole leaf of garage doors, providing thermal insulation coefficient of 1.1 (W/m² K). Panels are available in white, brown, silver and anthracite color or golden oak, dark oak or mahogany color with wood imitation. It is possible to order garage doors in any RAL color (upon request).

Harmonious design thanks to invisible connections between panels. Always even panel height with a modern design groove.

10 year color warranty.

Panels are manufactured by “Teckentrup” (Germany) and "Italpannelli" (Italy).


Lifting hardware

Construction uses new lifting hardware. The doors are easy to install by yourself. This is the most popular and cost-effective solution of recent years, now available at RIPO.

Hardware is safe to use and easy to maintain.



Manual – can be closed with slide bolt from inside or door lock from outside.

Electric operator – with remote control, wall button and smartphone (coming soon).

Garage doors can have manual or automated operating, equipping them with automation of leading manufacturers - “Marantec” (Germany) and "CAB" (Italy).


Electric operator


CAB (Italy) – for easy installation and simple use. Can be installed and programmed easily. For small and medium sized garage doors (up to 6,5m²).

Marantec Classic (Germany) – European market leader. Made with newest technologies to provide safe and extra silent operation. Maximum operating speed is 160 mm/sec.

Integrated energy-saving technology and LED lights make it energy efficient.

Safe closing technology - if case of obstacle appearing in the way of garage doors, their movement will be stopped. 

Marantec Speed (Germany) – an updated marantec Classic, equipped with speed and energy saving systems and new generation remote control.

Thanks to up to 230 mm pec second operating speed this electric operator is a leading market choice. It opens garage doors in 9,5 seconds (H – 2,1 m). Electric operator is 1,5 times faster than other operators and is very energy efficient, consuming only 0,5 W on standby mode.

New generation remote control with safe coding system. Consisting of many unique codes, its combination changes after each use, deleting the used code. If a used code is copied by a burglar, it will no longer be valid.

Bi-Link light on the remote control indicates the position of garage doors (open/closed/in motion). It allows to easily check your garage door even when you can't see them.


Marantec electric operator's functions:

  • Remote control – open/close garage doors.
  • Gentle operation – soft start and soft stop.
  • Built-in light – will automatically turn on when doors are in use, light duration can be programmed. Equipped with LED, equivalent to 40W bulb.
  • Garage light control (additional equippment) – turns on light in garage when doors are in use, light duration can be programmed.
  • Backup battery (add. equippment) – allows to operate doors in case of electricity failure.
  • Photo barrier (add. equippment) – stops the garage door before it touches a car or an obstacle. It helps to avoid car damage if you press the closing button while driving through the doors. Recommended for families with small children!
  • Automatic closing (add. equippment) – once the car passes through photo barrier, the doors automatically close. Doors must be equiped with photo barrier.
  • Code keypad (add. equippment) – close/open door by typing PIN code. Good solution when remote control isn’t with you or garage has several users.
  • Fingerprint reader (add. equippment) – control garage doors by swiping a finger through reader. One unit can control 2 garage doors and have 20 users. Good solution when remote control isn’t with you. Only for Marantec Speed!



It is recommended to trust professional installer.

However, using an  illustrated manual that comes in set, a trully skillfull owner can install garage doors without preffesional help. 


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