STEGU decorative brick and stone tiles – let the nature step into your home!

Durability, usefulness and beauty -an extraordinary solution for decorating interior, exterior and garden with nature’s beauty. Decorative tiles from a well known STEGU manufacturer offers a natural decor in variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes. Waterproof, heat, cold and sun-light resistant, even after many years they do not change in appearance of effectiveness of their pursose. Make your choice to create a sleek and modern, or classic and vintage look in your home.


 For exterior and interior

Durable tiles are multifunctional and allow you to experiment. Use them to decorate outdoor terrace, steps, dwell, facade and fencing of your home, cafe or restaurant. Or you can use them inside to decorate kitchen, living room, fireplace or other parts of your house or apartment.


 Outstanding quality

For more than 20 years STEGU has been manufacturing stone veneer products inspired by nature, using only natural materials and pigments, in line with main decorative trends, all for a great price.



Withstanding water, sun, heat and cold, the tiles do not fear any kind of weather conditions. They will not change their shape, function or appearance even after many years.


 Great design solution

Practical and beautiful, decorative tiles and stones are both modern and classic choice for any home. A variety of shapes, colors, textures and designs will prove to fit anyone stile to create a truly unique and eye-catching element. Highlight individuality and turn boring into brilliant, using nature’s best.



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