Leading Canadian roofing manufacturer’s IKO bitumen shingles is a quick and easy roofing material. With more than 60 year experience in the making, these RIPO provided shingles are far ahead of any shingles on the market. Waterproof, cold and wind resistant.

Thanks extra large nailing, shingles are wider, making it two-three times more secure and durable than other shingles. This quarantees a higher quality and durability. Normally laminated shingles have two layers, fixed with modified bitumen. IKO uses five layers, creating an extra secure, safe and durable product. Special, double glue protection rotects water and moisture from getting between its parts.


  • Traditional - high quality and carefully selected materials.

Superglass, Superglass Biber and Superglass Hex series shingles are manufactures on the newest, most advanced equipment. Traditional shingles offer a vast color choice to provide safety and comfort of any home.


  • Hexagonal - a special choice for unique shaped roof.

Armourshield and Diamant PLUS series shingles are a great accent for an interestingly shaped roof and building. Hexagon shaped shingles and shadow lining will highlight the roof.


  • Laminated special 3D - an eye-catching roof for an interesting effect.

Cambridge Xpress and Cambridge Xtreme series are specially designed that create architectural dimension. Sturdy, double layered shingles are one of the most demanded on the market, helping to revive the look of the whole house.


We also offer accessories and roof accessories - underlayment, roof vents, mastic, nails, flashing, VELUX roof windows, etc.

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