Everything you need for building a beautiful, safe and secure dream home!



RIPo offers a worldknown IKO roofing manufacturer’s bitumen shingles. Canadian produced shingles are known for their outstanding quality, wide choice of colors and many year warranty.

IKO shingles withstand strong wind, are water damages, do not fade under direct sunlight or loose their effectiveness. Even after many years, roofing stays of the same quality and does not loose its visual appeal. Trust the tested and let the security and durability of IKO shingles prove their quality.


Decorative tiles

One of the best plartical decorating solutions ever created! Decorate your garden, home exterior and interior with brick tiles – a modern and classic touch by STEGU.

STEGU is an ecological manufacturer, offering not only beautiful, but practical solutions for exterior, interior and garden decoration. Wide choice of colors, styles and textures will create a unique look for your home. Perfect for fireplace, kitchen, living room, interior walls, outdoor terrace, balcony, pillars, outdoor grill, dwell and facade walls.


Insulated Concrete Forms

The beggining of a modern, safe and warm home - insulated concrete forms are the perfect choice for building eco friendly homes. The innovation, that provides an efficient, safe and durable construction.

Insulated Concrete forms (ICF), is an innovative wall-building technology that uses fireproof polystyrene to build foundations, swimming pools, basements, industrial and residential buildings in eleven simple stages. The ICF's allow you to build even in the midst of the winter!