Fixed sunbreakers

Product code: s5
  • Great design solution for facades, overhangs and enclosures
  • Fixed lamellae
  • Protects from the sun
  • High quality
  • Extra durable extruded aluminum construction
  • Max. width of a single module – 4m
  • Max lenght of a single module – 6,02 m
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Fixed sunbreakers is the most effective shading system that cuts down air conditioner expenses and serves as a design element for buiding’s facade.


Functional use

Suitable for windows, glass facades, roof overhangs and decorative fencing, as well as a modern design element for facade walls. Can be used as a dividing wall to cover engineering communications.



Perfect choice for passive house facades and window aisles to add to the simple architecture and create a more dinamic and unique looking building.


Climate control (sunbreakers on glass facades and windows)

Protects rooms from overheating and reduces the amount of incoming sunlight. Sunbreakers on windows and glass facades create pleasant indoor climate and prevent airless conditions, making it especially great for industrial and commercial buildings.



Depending on your wishes, the width, lenght and amount of lamelas can be adjusted. Construction is easy to install.



Construction is made out of extruded aluminum. To ensure an outstanding functioning through the years in any weather, sunbrakers are coated with powder paint or anodized.

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