Comfort without air-conditioner

Exterior blinds offer a wide choice of solutions for shading and providing an easy and convenient control of sunlight inside your home. Installed on the facade for most efficient blocking of sunlight and heat.

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    • Great design solution for buildings
    • Protects from the sun
    • High quality
    • Wide choice of shapes and colors
    • Extra durable and hardy construction
    • Max. width of a single module – 4m
    • Max lenght of a single module – 6,02 m
    • Adjustable lamela 0 – 90 degree angle
    • Great design solution for facades, overhangs and enclosures
    • Fixed lamellae
    • Protects from the sun
    • High quality
    • Extra durable extruded aluminum construction
    • Max. width of a single module – 4m
    • Max lenght of a single module – 6,02 m
    • Great design solution for facades
    • Good choice for “passive” houses
    • Prevents the interior from overheating
    • Creates an optimal climate in the room
    • Comfort withour air conditioner
    • High quality and durability
    • Protects home interior from fading colors
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to install and adjust
    • Great solution for facades
    • Shields the view from unwanted eyes
    • Protects from UV rays
    • Creates an optimal climate in the room
    • 60% more effective than any other interior blinds
    • Wide choice of colors and fabrics
    • Longlasting and suitable for various weather conditions
    • Easy to install and use
    • Easy to roll out open and roll back in
    • Higlight facade with wide range of designs
    • Easy to install and use
    • (When going away) Open it up to create an illusion that you’re home
    • Max width 7 m; max overhang 4.1 m
    • Manufacturer: SELT (Poland)
    • Standart colours: white, anthracite
    • Roof: straight, slanted angle 3°- 10°
    • Operating: manual, automated
    • Extruded aluminium, stainless steel
    • Side walls: fabric
    • Manufacturer: RENSON (Belgium)
    • Colours: all RAL colours
    • Roof: straight, slanted angle 8° – 10°
    • Operating: automated
    • Extruded aluminium, stainless steel
    • Side walls: fabric, glass, wooden
    • Options: audio, heating, lighting systems
    • Load bearing capacity: max 200 kg/m2
    • Wind capacity: max 160 km/h

Comfort without air conditioner!

External blinds are a great solution for sun protection as it allows to control the amount of sun entering the premises and protect it from overheating. Blinds are mounted on the outside of the building, not inside, allowing to mantain a pleasant indoor climate.

They are by 80% more effective than internal blinds because the suns heat is blocked from the outside and not kept inside. They can be mounted to any building, providing a protection from the effect of sunlight and heat waves, as well as the interior from fading.


Why use external blinds?

 Effective light control

Now you can forget about sunlight any moment you wish! Create a shade or block the sun completely to enjoy an undisturbed sleep in the middle of the day, watcha a movie or hide from the hot sun! You can easily control the amount of incoming sunlight by adjusting the angle of the blinds.


 Outstanding climate control

Internal blinds heat up inside the house, thus becoming an unwanted source of heat, whereas external blinds block the heat without affecting your room temperature. Thanks to external blinds being outside of the house, they are up to 80% more effective than any other internal blinds. As a result you have a pleasant climate at all times without the use of air conditioner.


 Economically favorable

Compared to air conditioner that cools the house with high power compsumption and requires regular maintenance, external blinds will keep a pleasant climate without electricity and additional expenses.


Excellent design solution

External blinds are a great complemantory decor to modern building to make even the mot simple facade unique. There is a wide choice of types and colours of blinds, promised to fit any buildings design and please anyone’s individual style.


 Easy operation

Thanks to the modern automated functionality, external blinds can be operated three ways – manually, with a remote control or completelly automate – using a smarthphone, regardless of your location on the map.


Three types of control

  • Wall button ­- allows to open, close blinds and change the angle
  • Remote control - allows to open, close blinds and change the angle
  • “Smart house” – automated functionality that will take care of adjusting your blinds. Based on received data from the Meteorological station, it controls their potition, promising the best function and safety:
    • When it’s sunny, the blinds roll down and prevent the room from overheating
    • When it’s windy, the blinds roll up and close, rotecting them from the possible damage
    • During low-light the blinds roll up, allowing the extra light to come in
    • Close down at night-time
    • Seasonal modes – works as a shield in summer, allows to bring the extra warmth to the house in winter
    • Can be operated using smarthphone, tablet or computer


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