Comfort without air-conditioner

Exterior blinds are a great solution for shading and provide easy and convenient control of sunlight inside the premises. They are installed on the exterior of windows for more efficient blocking of incident sunlight.

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True summertime relaxation

Nothing worse than mosquitoes disturbing your at home summer relaxation. Forget about choosing between fresh air and comfort – insect screen is here to help!

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From idea to finished doors

The garage doors produced by Ripo feature modern design, durability, safe fittings and convenient operation. A wide choice of colours is available, and quality is guaranteed.

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Nature’s accent for your home

Practical, elegant and extraordinary stone wall tiles and wooden panels will accentuate facade, interior and garden, complimenting it with nature’s beauty.


Home is where the IKO is

Choose a long-lasting comfort from a world known IKO roofing manufacturer. Perfection, threefold security, and a stylish accent for your home.


Safe and modern home

Build your dream house with thermal insulation blocks. Reliable, warm and fireproof home for you and your family using innovative and quick building material.