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Garage doors produced by Ripo feature modern design, durability, safe fittings and convenient operation. A wide choice of colours is available, and quality is guaranteed.

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9 good reasons why use Ripo garage doors

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Measure and order yourself!

Carefully take your measurements and write them down.

1. Garage aperture width

Measure your garage aperture width (W). Take double measurements at the top and bottom. If numbers don’t match – use the biggest number measured.

2. Garage aperture height

Measure garage aperture height (H). Repeat double measurements by taking measures on left and right side. This time, use the smallest number

3. Headroom

Measure Headroom (Hh), a distance from top of aperture to the ceiling, where garage doors will be opening.

If the ceiling has beams, pipes or other objects in the way, take Hh measure to the lowest object in reach. If wall area is free – measure up to the ceiling.

4. Inside side walls

Make sure aperture’s right and left inside walls (SR/SL) have at least 90 mm of free wall space. Measure distance from sides of aperture to the corners of garage.


Order your garage door and type in your numbers. Choose your panel design, color and automation.

Watch our detailed vide that shows a step-by-step instruction on how to take measures for your new RIPO garage doors.

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