Security and privacy are the main reasons for choosing top quality gates for residential properties and industrial sites.

The most suitable solution in each situation depends on the site layout and intensity of use with regard to the property and structure. Therefore, the choice of a suitable high-quality product guarantees that the gates will last for a long time, offering not only security and privacy but also blending harmoniously into the overall landscape and architecture.

Gates designed and manufactured by Ripo meet all of our clients' requirements in terms of high quality, functionality and affordable prices.


  • A garage that is constructed as a free-standing building or attached to the main building is a common solution seen in nearly all new single-dwelling housing and often in multi-apartment housing projects. This is why garage gates are an indispensable element for ensuring security of your personal and real property. The product range includes economical, standard and high quality and security solutions. The choice depends on budget constraints and how regularly the garage is used.


  • The yard around the house where you want maximum security in order to allow your children and pets to play in complete safety. This is why sliding and swing gates with automated functions are a logical solution for properties with a yard. They can be adapted to any architectural layout, by combining wood, metal and other materials to ensure the harmonious overall appearance of the property. Furthermore, property gates are vital for companies in business and industrial areas in order to control the traffic of vehicles and visitors by limiting access.


  • It is important that business premises in industrial facilities are equipped in a way as to ensure maximum optimisation of work, time savings and minimise heat loss, thereby reducing building operating costs. In the light of these considerations, this range offers various types of high quality, durable and heat-insulated sectional type industrial gates that allow the premises to be adapted to a specific type of economic activity, using the entire area effectively and making the premises much easier to clean. Additional equipment for gates are available at the client's request: integrated service doors, windows, fully glazed sections, as well as various gate opening and closing solutions — bolts, keys and automatic functions.

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