Sliding gates

Product code: 8384
  • Self-produced in Latvia
  • Customizable design
  • Perfect for small areas
  • Max width 8 m
  • Max weight 800 kg
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Dont take up any extra space

Sliding gates don’t take up any exra space of your property. Opening to the left or right side along the fence, it allows you to park your car right infront of the gate.

Safe and reliable

Providing a territory fencing and drive-through function, as well as giving extra safety at night. High in demand for commercially used territories and private houses, sliding gates are equally great for lightweight and industrial spaces. An excellend load-bearing and a smooth operation even in windy and rainy weather, sliding gates also do not require a snow cleaning for its openening area.

Customizable design

To suit your house architecture, you can choose any kind of finishing material for RIPO gates, such as metal grating, wooden panels etc.

Comfort in any situation

Gates made for people. Open them with a remote control without getting out of the car or leaving your house. The light indicators on the remote show the state of your gate – convenient for when you do not see the gate.



Our gates are assembled using the finest parts. Proudly working with Marantec (Germany) and Beninca (Italy) that throughout years have grown as companies and proven their quality and innovation, we provide only the best for our customers.

Safety and equipment

For added comfort you can choose any of these additional equipments to be installed on the gate, making everyday use even more worry-free:

  • Stop sensors – is case of a car, human or other object appearing in the way of a moving gate, it will automatically stop.
  • Photo safety – stops the gates from moving before they touch an object on its way. This helps to prevent damaging your car or cases when you accidentaly push the closing button on remote while driving through.
  • Key code lock – close and open the gate by entering a safety PIN code. A great choice if remote control isn’t nearby or if the gate has several users. One lock system controls up to 4 gate units.
  • Signal light – draws attention when the gate is in use.

Installation is quick and easy - do it yourself, no professional assistance needed.


Marantec automation has stop sensors that makes the gate to stop from moving t in case of a car, a person or other object appearing in the way. For this to operate you will need to install photo-safety that allows to recognize an object before the gate reaches it. In case of power-outage, you can install a backup battery for an undisturbed oparating. Key kode lock and a fingerprint reader are a convenient choice if the gate has several users and gate units.

Beninca automation can be equipped with photo safety – stopping the gate from coming in contact with an obstacle and damaging the gate and the object. They key kode lock will allow to control up to 4 gates and is a good choice for multiple users.


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