Roller shutter AR555

Product code: 3072
  • Profile for large windows
  • Profile height - 55 mm
  • Profile thickness - 14 mm
  • Max. width - 3180 mm
  • Max. area - 8.9 m2
  • Control - mechanical or automatic
Starting from: 84.70 € / pc. *with VAT
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Profile AR555 with polystyrene foam filling

The profile is 55 mm in height and 14 mm thick. It is suitable for large windows offering better protection.

Profiles filled with polystyrene foam insulation are an excellent solution for thermal and light insulation. They also ensure excellent protection against external noises.

Various mounting methods

The roller shutters can be In-Reveal or Face-Fit installed. If necessary, upon request, they can be installed at wall surface level, and they can be partially installed or fully integrated in the wall

Easy operation manually or with a remote

The roller shutters can be opened manually.

Modern and straightforward automated functionality enables easy operation of the roller shutters with a remote control, smartphone or wall-mounted switch.

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