Roller doors AR555 D

Product code: 3079
  • For small-sized garage doors
  • Profile height - 55 mm
  • Profile thickness - 14 mm
  • Max width - 2500 mm
  • Max height - 2300 mm
  • Control - automatic
Starting from: 84.70 € / pc. *with VAT
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Profile AR555 with polystyrene foam filling.

The profile is 55 mm in height and 14 mm thick.

More cost-efficient in the small gates segment in comparison with other gate profiles.


Types of mounting

Rolling shutters are Face-Fit installed on the outside of the garage.  Upon request, they can also be installed indoors provided that there is enough space above the aperture and on the sides.

Easy operation manually or with a remote

Roller doors can be opened and closed quickly and easily with a remote control or by pressing a wall-mounted switch.

Upon request, the gates can be equipped with an obstacle recognition function to prevent vehicles or other objects getting crushed by the gates. When sensors are triggered, gate closure is immediately stopped.

Upon request, the gates can be made to open a manually with crank.

Standard colours: white RAL9016, brown RAL8014, anthracite RAL7016, silver RAL9006, grey RAL7038, beige.

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